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frayed rope


um yeah, i talked to little hentai. and she admited she set me up. she also said i was telling people she fucked me...whatever thats so lame. then she said my roomate was saying i fucked her...whatever thats so lame...then she said that someone was saying i fucked her....whatever shes out of options...i wonder what inspired her to lie about something so frivilous and and use it as an excuse to make her self feel better about setting me up. i had talke to her the night before on the phone and she didnt even mention it. in fact, she said "everything is cool with us." shes probably usually a pretty good liar, but i saw through it. the beast says he would have handled it diferently but im satisfied with my actins.

Later that night melisma showed up, we ended up running into 3 other people who were all part of this big spiderweb. first there was hot topic girl, who i had met through the beast a couple years ago and she was wiith some guy the sg actor and her friend the goth princess. well, like i said i knew hot topic girl, but the oters were new to me, except that sparkles and the beast both knew sg actor and hot topic girl, and i found out that melisma knew goth princess and hot topic girll as well...and all of us knew little hentai. i was told that i was better off having not fucked her too, because aparently theres something not right down there, however it wasnt specified.

all n all another interesting expierence at the cup.

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