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the little tweaker

went to the cup last night with the beast. almost right after i walked in the little devile found me. i thought she was supposed to be in mankato...hmmm. so, i guess she has like 3 piercings now...that i saw anyways...tongue, nose, and lebret. she showed the tongue piercing to me and im like "so are we gonna make out?" and shes like "hell yeah we are" and gives me a hug...then procedes to lick my ear...i dont know what that was about, but i wasnt complaining. i some how ended up saying good bye to her like 3 times that night and hugging her 3 more times. (no more earlicking...there was a kiss on the cheek somewhere in there. and for some reason, she was dressed like she just got back from the ren fest....whatever. anyways i got an afri and the beast and i sat down and jammed out a game of 121. after about 10 min. this little tweaker starts staring at me out of the corner of my eye...

well i have seen and spoken to to this little tweaker before. shes for some reason one of the pandorians that tweak my interest the most, (with her over dramatic hand gestures and her semi-random attention span - not to mention shes small and cute)...well she kept staring, and i just kept not looking at her untill she finally mentioned something like "oh i love cribbage." well this instigated a conversatin between her, the beast and i. aparently her and the beast went to hs together...infact all of us had gone to hs with the beast, but not all of us had gone to hs together. (amusing little side note i thought).

a few parts of the conversation went a little she loves learning and going to school, but the only thing that really bothered her about that was going to class....umm, you cant really have it both ways...and when we were about to dip, the beast made an attempt to get her number "wanna try to stay in touch?" her response drifted from "well im moving soon..yea yea..." shortly there after to, "i dont like people being able to contact me" ill see you around i guess. it wasnt unfriendly or anything...just wierd. lol

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